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sunbocca | listen to real house music

Sunbocca is spiritual, just like house music. It all began by an accident. TooMass and Ivanez met on a website dedicated to house music. Together they reminisced about the time when Czechoslovakia split up and borders opened up, giving way to new house music scene. They reminisced about the days when it was real house music, when sampled was just the beat, when the spiritual quality of house was present in newly opened clubs that didn't have CD players or "sync button" mixing.

Those were the magical times when real house music came alive by DJs touching the records, times when a newly discovered track could only be obtained on a vinyl and DJ's almost entire income would be spent on them. This magic existed until private satellite TV stations reached Slovakia's market and people started to watch rather than listen to music. This was the reason Ivanez and TooMass decided to found Sunbocca House Music Community some time in 2006/2007. Their goal was to seek people who are dedicated to the tradition of house music and not its modern commercialism. Their fellow DJs were the first to join, followed by new fans, they've been compiling an archive of old and new music. The old times of spending money on music and tools were back. The real house music has the potential to keep one's soul balanced, their life filled in harmony and creativity.

Today, Sunbocca family connects many creative DJs who release their own tracks which is a testament about the magical qualities of this style of music. It just needs great headphones, a bit of chill and you will be ... perhaps with us!

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